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From the moment I opened my Blendtec on Christmas morning, I’ve planned to use it to make almond butter.  Almond butter is one thing I absolutely refuse to buy on the Rock, because the huge jar of Maranatha that I can pick up in Canada for less than $10 costs over $30 here.  Ridiculous.  So, on Saturday afternoon, I fired up the Blendtec for something other than kale, for once, and figured out how to refill that Maranatha jar all on my own.

I started out with about two cups of raw, whole almonds.  I poured them into the Blendtec jar and, following the Blendtec cookbook instructions for peanut butter, ground them up using first speed level.  I let it run the whole cycle (50 seconds), scraped down the sides, and ran it for a full cycle at speed level 5.  I repeated this – the scraping and level 5 – until it reached the consistency I wanted (VERY creamy).  All in all, it probably took 10-12 50-second cycles at level 5 to get to be the texture I wanted.  I probably could have gotten there quicker at a higher speed, but I’m still in the honeymoon phase with my Blendtec and wanted to take it easy on my baby.

The result?


Delicious, creamy, perfect almond butter.  I’m so proud.  And SO excited to spread it all over everything in my fridge.

Verdict on Making Almond Butter in a Blendtec:

All in all, I got the perfect result.  The Blendtec did not disappoint in the slightest.  However, I think I could have made the process quicker by using a higher speed. 

Whether or not the Blendtec did a better job than a food processor would have, I’m not sure.  I still would have had to stop and scrape down the sides, but a food processor would probably be better for larger batches, simply because of the wider shape of the food processor bowl, versus the narrower Blendtec blender jar.

Now that I’ve figured out the basics, I’m excited to experiment with flavours and add-ins.  Yum!


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